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Design & User Experience

As a design-lead agency that understands user experiences is at the heart of every great products, service, brand, and business. To create remarkable, elegant digital media and provide useful and practical business solutions.

Content & Development

Content is an important ingredient for great marketing and advertising. Our content creators work with our client and their customers as well to create on-brand content for a variety of channels.

Social Media & Marketing

We know that in today's technology, social media renders the highest impact on our client's business. We evaluate our clients need through one-on-one sessions, to determine the highest value and the best strategic plans and campaigns that yield the highest return within their target budget.



We've worked with hundreds of eCommerce businesses. We understand each business has unique challenges but we know what it takes to succeed at every level. We’ll analyze your competitors and the industry to create a customized digital marketing strategy to increase brand awareness, educate consumers, and drive new users to your site.


Help & Support

We understand that there is always a need for full support and here with us at GoPro we will make sure we're always here for your needs 24x7.We will take care of all your digital needs.


Other Services

⦿ Time and Money Coach
⦿ Professional Image Consulting
⦿ Virtual Assistant
⦿ Paralegal Services
⦿ Document Preparation
⦿ App Development

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Each day as you work and try to achieve your set goal, you put in longer and longer hours. Hours are extended and before you know it, you’re overwhelmed with backlog work. Very soon you are the last one leaving the workplace on Fridays. You find yourself working on Saturdays and Sundays trying to complete work that should have completed long ago. Before you know it the only thing you are consumed with is your work. There is no family life anymore.

Maintaining work-life balance is the key to staying on top of the game and one of the easiest and surest ways of achieving this is to have a second pair of helping hand. We, at Vagopros provide that and much more for you!

Things That We Would Take Off From Your Shoulders

Virtual Assistant

A good administration is the key to most business' success. Our VAs are equipped to organize your meetings as well as handle your clients on your behalf.

Web Development

With everyone vying for more and more attention in the WorldWideWeb, there has to be an element that needs to set you apart from the rest.

Digital Media Marketing

Having a business profile in platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit gives your company a greater edge in the digital market.

Vagopros VA

Free Up Your Time & Grow Your Business

Enthusiastic and committed Virtual Assistants will assist you to save your work, time and enjoy life, forgetting the work burden. Do not allow your business to run you, begin running your venture now!

GoPro VA is a one stop end to end professional and creative solution provider for your wide ranging web development, digital design and app developing requirements.

Leave your graphic design worries with us! Be it creative, conveying and unique Logo design, banner design, print design or a well-defined website, we do it all for you to set your business distinct and ahead.

Forget about investing long hours in finding desirable resources, as GoPro VA does deftly for you. Our sensibly priced outsourcing services equip you with skilled and experienced employees.

In the virtual or digital world, the content is the king and continues to be so, as it is the only tool that informs the prospective customers about the benefits of your product and services.

Dedicated to keeping your ledger balanced Rules change, regulations shift and keeping up becomes a full-time job. At GOPro VA, we believe you deserve top-notch financial experts to support your organization. That’s why our Virtual Bookkeepers are leading experts in finances, ensuring everything is correct, updated and understandable.

Dedicated Marketing Department on Demand from email marketing to social media campaigns, from Ad-words to blogs, there is an overwhelming number of channels to reach potential customers. GoPro VA seasoned Virtual Market Makers create compelling content and messaging to increase your visibility and enhance your image.


One Stop. Virtual Shop

Ala Carte for Start Ups

Virtual Assistant



Virtual Web Specialist



Virtual Bookkeeper



Virtual Digital Marketer







For beginners, small projects and virtual assistance

  • Standard support services
  • Basic website services, content and maintenance
  • Social media scheduling
  • Membership management
  • E commerce content and maintenance
  • Basic marketing
  • Basic site SEO
  • Blog content and maintenance
  • Affiliate management



For new businesses and entrepreneurs that need help with content creation, management and moderately sized projects

  • All standard services + Advanced management support services
  • Basic management and planning
  • Marketing services and support
  • Content creation and planning for blogs and social media
  • Light coding and installation of themes and plugins
  • Graphic designs for logos and products
  • Video editing
  • Project management
  • Monthly website reporting



For established businesses and entrepreneurs ready to take it to the next level

  • Premium management support services + Standard + Advanced
  • Management
  • Planning
  • Content creation
  • Full coding as needed and redesign
  • Troubleshooting
  • Support
  • Full website creation

How We Work

We work with you hand in hand every step of the way. We take your 
requests and ensure that you get 100% what you paid for at the time
you need it delivered, at the highest quality possible.

Client Intake and Research

• Get all information needed from client
• Understand the business and the target audience
• Project scope and timeline for deliverable's

Design and Development

• Create designs best for the business
• Develop the website and implement best practices
• Implement content and install premium plugins

QA and Feedback

• Do internal quality checks
• Present to Client for feedback and incorporate all feedback
• Iterate based on client's feedback

Deployment and Support

• Migration of website to live server
• Turnover and presentation of Website Manual to client
• 30 day support upon release

Frequently Asked Questions

No, absolutely not! Your monthly subscription fees cover the use of equipment, office space and employee’s salary. Charges for scanning, emailing as well as calling to any part of the world, is included in your monthly subscription plan. Also, there are no commitments or contracts to bind you to us, if you wish to leave. Plans are on a monthly basis, and once you choose to stop using our services, you may unsubscribe anytime.

Our VAs in GoPro VA team work on any of your required days. However, we provide two days as day offs in a week to our VAs. Nevertheless, if you have a project that requires your VA to work on weekends/holidays, we are flexible to it- just give us some notice! And yes! All Va’s at GoPro VA are allowed to take leave in case of any health issues or any other personal reasons. GoPro VA won’t leave you stranded. All of our VAs have a back-up in case any emergency occurs.

GoPro VA is available 24/7 for 365 days of a year. Irrespective of any holiday, our executives are always trained to give our clients first priority.

You can be rest assured that your data is secure with us and under no circumstance will we share your information with anyone. We have a highly secure data centre with a Secured Socket Layer (SSL) of 256- bit encryption, thus keeping all your information confidential. Also, all our virtual assistants at GoPro VA need to sign a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA), once they join us. Once, you share your confidential information at GoPro VA, only the authorized person with proper rights will have access to those information. Also, we use secure sharing systems like LastPass, OnePassword,etc, to ensure confidentiality.

Yes. Your virtual assistant at GoPro VA works in an office environment with all the necessary equipment, like computer, printer, scanner and a phone which can make ISD calls to anywhere in the world, to facilitate your process. However, in case you need any other equipment installed for the benefit of your process, we are happy to accommodate you, without any charges to you. All our virtual assistants are very adaptable to US culture; however, all of them speak neutral English with a neutral accent.

Yes, you are assigned a dedicated VA once you sign up to our VA 50 hours plan or above. However, for any plans below that, the supervisor on floor will be your single point of contact. You can get in touch with your VA by email, phone (VOIP) and Skype. Our virtual assistants are all trained and highly skilled, however, since every client has their own requirements, it is prudent to spend a little time and explain your business and requirements to your VA, this ensures smooth sailing in the future.

Yes our working plan is flexible to suit your needs. You can change your plan, i.e., is upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any point of time. As per our policy, we do not rollover unused hours to the next month, so, we advise you to choose your plan prudently as per your utilization requirements. All your tasks are strictly monitored by your single point of contact, the supervisor present on floor. He/she keeps a keen eye on your tasks and delegates it to the best possible VA with the prerequisite to complete it. Also, all our VAs at GoPro VA go through a thorough interview process, as a result, all our VAs are assiduous, meticulous and conscientious and are there to make your process smooth running.

Surely you may! You may add your family members, friends and co-workers to your account, once you sign up for our services. All we need is your consent, their names and email address.

We have different groups of VAs who are dedicated to doing tasks what they are best at. So, for a VA who is good with administrative task and is pro with it, they are usually kept to those tasks. This is so done so as to ensure that there is no compromise in quality. Also, our VAs are very intuitive, we make suggestions and give our clients ideas to better enhance their work, instead of just following someone’s instructions blindly. Also, we are not here only to earn money but to network, to do teamwork and to build relationships. As Steve Jobs said “Great things in business are never done by one person, they’re done by a team of people.”

Yes, you are assigned a dedicated VA once you sign up to our VA 50 hours plan or above. However, for any plans below that, the supervisor on floor will be your single point of contact. You can get in touch with your VA by email, phone (VOIP) and Skype. Our virtual assistants are all trained and highly skilled, however, since every client has their own requirements, it is prudent to spend a little time and explain your business and requirements to your VA, this ensures smooth sailing in the future.

VA Talks endeavours to satisfy and meet the expectation of every single client. However, once your subscription fee is processed we do not grant any refunds. In case you wish to discontinue our services, you should cancel before your billing cycle commences for the month.

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